Super Tankers
Super Tankers, also known as Tank Stars, is a thrilling tank battle game that offers intense 2D tank warfare with a unique twist of tank merging. In this game, you command powerful tanks and engage in explosive battles against opponents, either online with friends or offline against AI foes. Your objective is to find the perfect shooting angle and fire at your enemy's tank before they get the chance to do the same to you. What makes Super Tankers stand out is its tank merging mechanic, allowing you to upgrade your tanks by merging tanks of the same level. This adds a layer of strategy to the game, as you must choose which tanks to merge to create more powerful war machines. It's a race to create the strongest tank and dominate the battlefield. Super Tankers features a variety of tanks, each with its unique abilities and weapons, providing different playstyles and strategies. As you progress, you can unlock more tanks and experiment with different combinations to create the ultimate tank army. The game offers a dynamic and challenging experience, combining action, strategy, and tank warfare.